Waveguides for redundant transmitters

Lift-out computer flooring allow the racks to slide out for rear access. Floor panels can be moved to rear to provide walking surface during integration or service.


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4 KW High Power Amplifier. Design allowed for future installation of 10 KW HPA's

Installed, 10 KW HPA's

​​This EMI shielded, C-5 transportable trailer housed Redundant 10KW HPA transmitters, ECU’s, UPS's, and 480 VAC power distribution with redundant step-down transformers. A seperate, 208 VAC power input powered the trailer in the storage mode. Rear mounted pneumatic mast supported the omni-directional antenna. This unit is part of the Range Safety fleet at Vandenberg AFB. 

Wolverine, under subcontract to ITT Industries, authored the Design Analysis Report which defined the requirements and baselined the integration design, wrote the trailer modification and ECU procurement specifications. We also managed two subcontracts for the trailer modifications. After delivery of the modified trailer, Wolverine supported the sytem level integration performed at VAFB.

This GFE trailer was stripped of the previous system and modified for C-5 transport. Fifth wheel hitch was removed and replaced with a recessed, air ride kingpin to lower the front of the trailer. Rear dual axle suspension was replaced with an air ride, 3-axle, stepped suspension system, designed to maintain equal axle loads when loading into the aircraft. Wolverine wrote the SOW and managed the procurement for this effort.

Trailer modifications by Clegg Industries

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